Welcome home…

This year has started off with the welcome of our Friends Joyce and Henri along with their children back to Leeds. Joyce and Henri are the founders and directors of the charity we will be working with in Congo. It is so good to see them again after so long apart. We are looking forward to getting ourselves ready for the trip coming up.

Our plans have changed a few times over the last few months but it looks like we will be travelling to The Republic of Congo at the end of March all together which will be quite a trip as we look to take ourselves off in only a few suitcases. Thankfully we have some apartments that we are able to move to in Ouesso that Henri negotiated on his last trip.

We have all had our passports renewed over the last few months and have started to have our vaccinations. We have been able to discuss some of the home schooling that we will need to do for the first few months when we get there. We have also had some initial conversations regarding the technical needs that we will face when we get there.

Please do continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks and months as we continue in our preparations. There is a lot to do.

Preparations continue

We were so excited when we sat down and worked out how much we raised from our sponsored family triathlon – £483! It’s such an encouragement to us all that we are getting so much support from friends and family as we start out on this journey, so thank you!

Over the next couple of months we have lots to do – focussing on learning French, applying for passports for the kids, starting our immunisations and continuing with our fundraising. Henri from New Sight is in Congo at the moment and part of what he will be doing is trying to find housing for both families for when we travel out in the new year. This is a big challenge so if you pray, please pray about that.

If you are on twitter please follow us @africatargetts. Thank you! A bientot!

Family Triathlon complete


We are all done, Last weekend Hannah Samuel and I went to Kirkstall Abbey to cycle round the footpath there and we managed 3 circuits before stopping to play. That was 4.5 miles. I had  cycled 115 miles, travelling  to and from work, putting us at 119.5 miles. We also had another family swim session where Hannah and I managed 6 lengths giving us 150metres.

I then cycled to and from work on Monday and Tuesday adding 120 miles to the cycling total leaving only the 5 miles each way with the train on Wednesday. Tuesday evening Annabel managed another 40 lengths at Bramley Baths, adding another 900 metres completing the swimming 100 metres over our target.

All done, a great effort from all the family, Thanks to all those who have sponsored us and wished us well in our fundraising.

The Triathlon Begins

This week saw the start of our family triathlon challenge with a morning  jog and an afternoon swim. This morning we all completed 4 laps of Farsley Recreation Ground, though Sophie may have had a little help from Mummy and Daddy! So this fulfills our running commitment of 5 miles with all of us running a mile each. Samuel wanted to add another half mile as sweeties were promised and Hannah and I completed an extra mile each.

On Wednesday evening, Annabel started us off with the swimming part by completing 40 lengths at Bramley Baths. Their 22.5m (25 Yards) pool put us at 900m on our 2000m total. Today Hannah and I managed 6 lengths of the pool at Armley Leisure Centre bringing in 150m each so we are 1200m down on the 2000m total.

We’d love it if you could sponsor us at give.net/familytriathlon/oneoff, to help motivate us for the rest, especially as I have not started the 250miles cycling yet!

Doug Targett

Family fundraising!

One of our challenges over the next 6 months is fundraising! New Sight are currently undertaking an enormous challenge to raise the funds needed to build and equip this brand new and urgently needed eye hospital. So we want to do our bit by funding as much of our costs as we can.

I guess it isn’t anyone’s favourite thing but we are going to try to make it as fun as we can and our kids are keen to join in! So this summer we will be undertaking a family triathlon. Between the five of us, over a two week period, we will cycle 250 miles, swim 2000m and run 5 miles (1 mile each, but Sophie might need a little help with her mile!).

Please would you sponsor us? You can do that online at give.net/familytriathlon/oneoff

Also if you are a pray-er please would you pray:

  • Please pray for the ebola situation currently in Democratic Rep Congo (next door to our Congo), for success with the new vaccination and the outbreak to quickly end.
  • Pray for us as we learn French
  • Pray for our fundraising

A new chapter

Hi thanks for coming to have a look at our blog! We would love to keep you updated on our new adventure.

Firstly, you are probably wondering why we have chosen to go to Congo?

Our friends Joyce and Henri Samoutou have been living and working in the Congo for the last 6 years, running an eye clinic in an area called Impfondo. They are now taking on a huge new project to build and open a brand new dedicated Eye Hospital in a town called Ouesso.

And we are going to join them to help with this exciting new undertaking! Doug will probably mainly be involved in helping with the building side of the project and Annabel to help with project administration, but we are just going to get stuck in and help wherever we can.

Obviously it’s not quite as easy as just going, there are lots of challenges to overcome first. We need to fundraise to cover our costs, we need to have a lot of immunisations, we need to learn to speak French, among other things! We really appreciate your interest in what we are doing and are going to be relying on the support of friends and family as we take this step.

We hope you will stay in touch and keep reading as we approach the big move date of January 2019.