Help is on its way

It is now late July and since our last post we have been busy preparing for and welcoming the rest of the New Sight team here to Ouesso. The team includes a range of ages and nationalities filling a variety of roles from nurse to engineer to teacher.

Over the last few weeks it has been amazing to watch the team work together with the goal of opening the interim eye centre, to enable New Sight to start to help people while the new eye hospital is still being built. Early on we were able to join in the preparations as a family when the rooms being used for the centre all needed a thorough clean – our kids are unstoppable with a broom and a mop!

After weeks of work and arranging shipments from 3 different countries we received our first patients this week at our interim eye centre. People in the community have been waiting for the clinic to open, without which eye conditions would go untreated. We are so excited that the team are now able to see and treat patients here in Ouesso!

Doug has put his practical skills to work making various necessary items including a cover for a large drain just outside the entrance to the clinic, some fixtures in the clinic and repairing some of the equipment after transit. In general he is kept very busy fixing anything from internet connections to leaking pipes! Annabel is getting to grips with her finance role and enjoying flexing her brain a bit after the last few years of full time parenting!

Samuel and Daddy leveling the route to the Interim Eye Centre

One of the biggest changes over the last couple of weeks is that we now have our wonderful teacher Ruth here. It has made a huge difference to the kids to be with an experienced teacher who plans interesting and varied activities for them.

The kids have dealt with all the changes well, better than us adults of course! We are living on the team compound with eight other people and it is fun for them to have a lot of different people around. They now have a new little friend, 2 year old Michelle, who is living next door with her parents as part of the New Sight team. We had hoped that playing with Michelle, who is French-speaking, might help Sophie learn French, but they mainly just speak their own language and expect the other to understand! As for our French skills – it’s slow but I think we are gradually improving.

We still cause a bit of a stir when we go out. A couple of weeks ago as we walked in to town, a brave little boy ran up to touch Samuel’s arm (no, the white doesn’t come off!). Children often shout to us ‘mondele!’ (white person) and our kids have learnt to shout back ‘mbote moyindo’ (Hello black person) back to them. That’s about all the Lingala that we’ve learnt!

We would appreciate prayer for:

  • Continued good health.
  • The hospital building project – that obstacles would be overcome.
  • Improving our French and building relationships with people.

For further information regarding these exciting changes you can see the new sight newsletter .