Two months in….

Here we are, at the start of June, heading in to a month of craziness! We have had our first few visitors staying at the team compound already, engineers and project manager here to get the new hospital building started. By the end of June we will have welcomed 17 people from across the globe, 8 of whom are new long term team members. In the middle of that there are huge challenges to overcome and provision needed.

We are both starting to get a little bit more useful and doing what we can to help the Samoutous with the many things they are juggling. This has included, for Doug, driving engineers and workers to the site and helping dig big holes, collecting furniture from the carpenters, and putting up mosquito screens. And for Annabel, starting to help Joyce with the finance admin and helping to get everything ready for visitors.

It’s been great to start to be able to find our way around the town without help. Shopping is a bit more time consuming here as you can’t just run around a supermarket filling a trolley! All of the fresh things come from the market and we have figured out the best shops to get the rest. Of course, everywhere we go we stand out because we are white and we are speaking English. People are friendly and we have learnt to laugh at ourselves as we try to communicate in French.

I suddenly realized a couple of weeks ago that we’re not just coping with home school but that the kids have actually learnt something! We still have no clue what we’re doing but children have a way of thriving while you are stumbling about in the dark.

We still get homesick and overwhelmed but it’s so good to be a tiny part of something that will transform life for countless people with no other hope.

We would really appreciate your prayer for the whole team here as we navigate all of the challenges ahead this month.