Nearly there!

Well it’s 12.40am and in less than an hour we will be on our way to Manchester Airport to catch our flight to Paris then on to Brazzaville, Congo!

The last few weeks have been a challenge. We have discovered that it is really quite complicated to pack up a family of five and move them to another very different country! We’ve had some wonderful times with friends and family, this really has shown us what amazing people we have in our lives.

People keep asking how the kids are feeling. Yesterday I overheard Hannah telling Samuel ‘We both get three exciting things this week: we both had a film night at school, we both get to go to Congo, you had a school trip and I get to go to my friend’s house’! I think so far they are taking it in their stride, have enjoyed the goodbye parties and get togethers and have no idea really what is coming next but are excited.

But right now we are ready to go, the house is empty and soon we have to get the kids up and in to the car. There are so many questions and challenges but I know this is where God wants us to go. I might not fully know why, but that’s good enough for me.