Three weeks till wheels up

We are now three weeks away from turning our lives upside down as we move to Congo! Someone said to me recently ‘Everything will be different there’. And it really will be. Everything we are in our comfort zone for here – language, food, weather, school, work, home – we will be flung out of .

It seems incredible that we have finally arrived at this point, and that in three weeks time we will be preparing to leave for the airport. When we first hoped to take this step we had no idea how we would afford it, what would happen to our house, what we would do about school, even what we would do to earn money until we went. But God has provided every single thing and we’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received. So, no excuses then!

There are still a zillion little things to sort out before we go. For me, my usual dreams when I’m stressed are about packing, so I could really have some nightmares about this! In one of the few dreams I’ve had about going and not being prepared I was mainly bothered that I’d arrived in Congo with no sun cream (the fact that at this point we had no suitcases, visas etc didn’t seem to be in my subconscious!). So I’ve bought a load of factor 50, we’re good to go.