Family fundraising!

One of our challenges over the next 6 months is fundraising! New Sight are currently undertaking an enormous challenge to raise the funds needed to build and equip this brand new and urgently needed eye hospital. So we want to do our bit by funding as much of our costs as we can.

I guess it isn’t anyone’s favourite thing but we are going to try to make it as fun as we can and our kids are keen to join in! So this summer we will be undertaking a family triathlon. Between the five of us, over a two week period, we will cycle 250 miles, swim 2000m and run 5 miles (1 mile each, but Sophie might need a little help with her mile!).

Please would you sponsor us? You can do that online at

Also if you are a pray-er please would you pray:

  • Please pray for the ebola situation currently in Democratic Rep Congo (next door to our Congo), for success with the new vaccination and the outbreak to quickly end.
  • Pray for us as we learn French
  • Pray for our fundraising