A new chapter

Hi thanks for coming to have a look at our blog! We would love to keep you updated on our new adventure.

Firstly, you are probably wondering why we have chosen to go to Congo?

Our friends Joyce and Henri Samoutou have been living and working in the Congo for the last 6 years, running an eye clinic in an area called Impfondo. They are now taking on a huge new project to build and open a brand new dedicated Eye Hospital in a town called Ouesso.

And we are going to join them to help with this exciting new undertaking! Doug will probably mainly be involved in helping with the building side of the project and Annabel to help with project administration, but we are just going to get stuck in and help wherever we can.

Obviously it’s not quite as easy as just going, there are lots of challenges to overcome first. We need to fundraise to cover our costs, we need to have a lot of immunisations, we need to learn to speak French, among other things! We really appreciate your interest in what we are doing and are going to be relying on the support of friends and family as we take this step.

We hope you will stay in touch and keep reading as we approach the big move date of January 2019.

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